Friday, October 17, 2008

In the Stairwell

This is a follow-up story to \Under the Desk.\

I rush into the office, hoping no one sees me slip in late. As I get settled and turn my computer on, I casually look around for you. I peek over the cubicle walls, glance toward the printer, and finally spot you at the filing cabinet. You look delicious as usual, and I enjoy watching your hands as you examine the files. I imagine those hands could work wonders on my body, and I hope to find out someday.

As my computer awakens and I plan out the tasks of the day, I think about yesterday\'s dirty little secret under the desk. I can\'t believe I had the guts to suck you under your desk like that, but I loved every minute of it. As I remember the feel of your hard cock in my mouth, I feel a stirring between my legs. You have a way of making me instantly hot at the slightest dirty thought. You look over and catch my eye, and give me a knowing look. My pussy grows hotter as we exchange erotic thoughts just by looking at each other. Yesterday\'s cock sucking was so exciting to me, and I decide that I would like you to return the favor. I sit at my desk and look like I am working, but instead I am hatching a plan in my dirty little mind.

After I deliver the morning mail, I walk over to your desk for some casual talk. You whisper something about me getting under your desk again and I laugh quietly, my body heating up at the suggestion. I have something else in mind, so I ask you if you want to walk downstairs with me for something to drink. After thinking it over for a second, you agree, and we walk casually toward the door. We look like two co-workers engaged in small talk, and easily hide the real nature of our friendship.

We walk down the hall toward the stairwell, and I feel my pussy flutter and my panties dampen as I think about what is coming next. You open the door for me and start downstairs, but I have other ideas. I grab your hand and guide you back to me, and tell you to follow me up instead of down. The building only goes up one more floor, and then there are some additional stairs that lead to the roof. You look at me in a puzzled way, but my flirtatious expression tells you that whatever I have in mind, you want to follow me. We walk up to the top of the stairs where no one typically goes. I stand one step above you so that our heights are about even, and I whisper to you that I loved sucking your cock yesterday, and I thought that maybe since I got under your desk you would want to get under my skirt. We are standing very close at this point and I feel your cock hardening under your khakis as my pussy tingles at the prospect of you under my skirt.

You tell me to sit on the top step and once I do you spread my legs open slightly as you sit a couple of steps below me. Your hand reaches up to touch the silky wet spot between my legs, and I can barely contain myself as you stroke me and start teasing me with one finger slipping ever so slightly into my panties. I want to thrust my pussy at you and make you eat me right then and there, but I am enjoying the agonizingly slow process of you teasing me. Once you slip a finger in my panties and tease the outside of my glistening slit, there is no turning back. You look up at me with a devious yet erotic expression, as if to say that you know how much I am enjoying this.

I can barely keep from squirming as your fingers work me over, and finally slide the little silky panties away. You look at my bare pussy and eagerly run your tongue all over it, adding to the wetness that my juices produced during your teasing. I let out a little moan, and you look up at me with your finger over your lips to remind me that we are in an office stairwell and need to be discreet. I can barely think about that as your sensuous mouth works its magic on my pussy, gliding your tongue over all the right parts and lingering just long enough. My breathing gets heavier and I run my hands through your hair as you expertly eat every inch of me, making me forget about anything else but your mouth on my honey hole. Your tongue travels up and down my slit and dances over my clit. You look up at me and you instantly see that you have put me in ecstasy by the way I look at you, helpless to do anything but move my hips and press my pussy harder into your face. You wink at me while you work, loving every minute of pleasuring the nice office girl while others mindlessly plow through their work.

Your mouth is even more eager and wild now, lapping up my pussy juices as you create more with your expert tongue. I tell you I think I want to come and you play even more intently with my clit, rolling it over and over and giving it a gentle suck every now and then. I try to be quiet as I whisper a plea to you, wanting to tell you to never stop, but knowing I am going to come all over your face any second. Finally you grind your face into my pussy, licking and sucking hard, and you push me over the edge. I grab onto you as I come hard and grind my hips into your face with every wave. I have to try and suppress my moans as I come, just in case someone happens to be in the stairwell. I look at you with an expression that shows my pleasure with the dirty deed that has just been done.

\Still want to get something to drink?\ you ask, studying my face and feeling satisfied that you gave me just what I wanted.

\Um, yeah - I think I need it more than ever after that.\ You help me slide my wet panties back on, and I stand up feeling very weak in the knees.

As we walk back down the stairs, you give me a little pat on the ass. I think about what we will say if someone notices how long we have been gone, and I think about how I am going to feel wet between my legs the rest of the day. A new plan begins to formulate in my dirty mind, as I think about what fun we could have in the elevator.

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